Who will win the premier league? The battle to win the Premier this season has begun and there are two true contenders to the title, on one side is the defending champion and on the other the challenger, Manchester City, and Liverpool maintain a great duel to keep the crown and it does not look like someone more can join the dispute for the scepter.

Let us check who will win the premier league?

Who will win the premier league?

At the start there is a clear difference with Manchester City and Liverpool, these two teams seem to play in a different league, with a different rhythm and players that go through a great moment, while in the second squad there are three teams (Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal) that in spite of being playing well, it gives the sensation that its level is not enough still to fight blow by blow with the two first places of the table.

The battle for the title is two and Liverpool comes with an advantage at the start of the second round, something that he experienced four seasons ago, finished the first lap as a leader and a couple of draws on the end of the season ended up giving him the championship to Manchester City.

Who will win the premier league?
Premier League

This time he seems to have a stronger picture, a team that already experienced a tough defeat in the Champions League final and that unlike that of Liverpool in 2014, a technician who fails to collapse and keep the inertia can end 30 years without being able to win a league title.

Chelsea or Arsenal?

Perhaps in this position, many others would like to see a Chelsea or an Arsenal, but their situation is different from that of the aforementioned clubs because they are in reconstruction and thinking about the championship for them is not real in this league.

We see more determined and experienced Liverpool over the Manchester or any other rival to hold out until the end and take the crown to recover the lost glory, there is no more.