What does Over Under mean? If you are new in the world of sports betting online bitcoin, you must be wondering what does Over Under mean? Here we present you with a detailed guide on this. Read on to know everything about it.

What does Over Under mean?

They are the bets in which a score of a sporting event is predicting. Forecasts consist of predicting whether the score will be above, “over”, or below, “under” a certain amount.

Over/under betting meaning:

Over/under bets are one of the most uses among bettors. Furthermore, along with the party line, it is the most liquid market and the one that generates the most money. 

Over means “above” and under “below”, therefore, the over bet is “above” and the “under” bet, although it is generally easier to say more than and less than.

What does Over Under mean?
Over Under meaning

Therefore, when you bet on over you are betting that there will be more than x goals or points in the match. And when you bet on under that there will be less than x goals or points in the match.

Let’s give an example of Over 2.5 goals and Under 2.5 goals. Why the decimals? This is using to make it clear how many goals we are placing the bet on. That is if we bet on Over 2.5 goals to win the bet you have to add all the goals scored by both teams. If the result is three or more goals, you win, regardless of whether there are 1-2, 0-6 or 2-2. Read more about over under here.

Following this dynamic, it is not difficult how it will be to bet on Under 2.5. To win the bet, all the goals of both teams would have to add at the end of the game and if the figure is 2 goals or less there will be a prize. 

What does Over Under mean?

One of the most common bets that are usually made in football games are those known as Over / Under. Within this modality, the most normal is to bet on the number of goals that can store in a match, where you bet on a certain range of possibilities.

Normally in highly contested games where relegation is usually played. For example, Under is usually bet, since it is often the case that when a team manages to score. 

It usually closes ranks to avoid the counter team’s counter and protect the point achieved more. Although, countless things can happen and make the game a true goal festival.

Online Sportsbooks:

Despite this, this Over / Under betting class is not limited only to the number of goals, there are online sportsbooks that accept other types of bets such as the number of cards, corner. In other sports, they also accept these bets, such as the number of sets in tennis, fouls or free throws made in basketball, etc.

They may seem simple bets, but here, in addition to chance, other factors involve, such as knowing the teams and the players, which will serve as small feedback on which to lean on to make a bet.

Tips for betting on the over / under goal market:

When analyzing the trend of a match regarding the possible number of goals to score, it is important to take into account data such as the following:

– Several goals scored by both teams: Obvious, right? In this case, it is recommending to base on the scoring average of each team in their last five games and add it up. 

Depending on the number of goals that come out, we will know if the teams can overcome or not the line proposed by the house.

– Several goals that both teams concede: Equal or more important than the previous one, but less taken into account by beginning bettors. 

What does Over Under mean? More tips:

The defensive ability of teams is also relevant to this betting market. Keep in mind that in soccer defending is easier than attacking. To obtain this information, we once again rely on the goals that both teams have conceded on average in their last five games and we added them together. In this way, we will also get an idea of ​​the goal trend in the match.

– Losses in the starting eleven of the teams: In the teams, there are always key players facing the goal, both when it comes to scoring and avoiding them. The loss of the goalkeeper or starting striker can affect the scoring tendency of a match. Injuries or penalties have to be present in our analyzes.

What does Over Under mean?
Over Under System

Example Over Under Betting:

We are going to give some examples where this is much easier, taking football as a betting sport.

Over 2.5 goals: You win your bet if there are more than 2.5 goals in the match, that is, 3 or more goals. It does not matter if they are marked between both teams or if they are marked by a single team.

Under 2.5: You win your bet if there are less than 2.5 goals in the game, that is, 2 goals or less.

Easy, right? Now we can complicate it a little more with whole lines.

Over 3: You win your bet if there are more than 3 goals in the match, that is, 4 goals or more. But if there are 3 goals you don’t lose it, they return it to you. If there are 2 goals or less you lose it.

Under 3: You win your bet if there are 2 goals or less in the match. If there are 3 goals they will refund your bet. And you win if there are 2 goals or less.