What is Bundesliga ?

If you are a crazy fan of the German Bundesliga and Football matches, you must know what is Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga is the highest division in German professional football and is composed of 18 teams. Duel for the most important national football title and thus the sun place in the table. The season of the German Bundesliga usually lasts from August to May and the game plan consists of a return match.

German Bundesliga
German Bundesliga

History of the Bundesliga:

The German Bundesliga was founded in 1962 and first introduced for the 1963/64 season, the years before the German football champion was determined by a final round. In the first Bundesliga season, 16 clubs dueled for the coveted championship trophy. Since the season 1965/66 is played with the usual number of 18 teams. The only exception is the 1991/92 season, in the uniquely represented 20 teams in the top division, so as to take into account the German reunification and the dissolution of the GDR Oberlig. It was found in 1962, is the highest division in German professional football and is composed of 18 teamga.

What is Bundesliga?
German Bundesliga was founded in 1962

Details :

Since its inception, 55 clubs have played (as of March 2019) in the Bundesliga. The Hamburger Bundesliga Dino HSV belonged until the 2017/18 season as the last club uninterrupted to the Bundesliga and thus holds the record with 55 seasons. In the season 2017/18, however, followed by the first-time descent of the league veteran and thus had all founding members of the Bundesliga at least once the transition to the 2nd Bundesliga competes.

Rise and relegation procedure :

Until the 2007/08 season, the three best teams in the 2nd Bundesliga were allowed to rise directly into the top division of the country, while from the Bundesliga, the last three teams have descended directly into the 2nd Bundesliga. In the season 2008/09, it came to the introduction of the Relegation, which determines the current ascent and descent procedure.

Its rise since the season 2008/09, the two best teams directly in the Bundesliga, as well as the two worst teams in the Bundesliga have to spend the next season in the second division. The second division and third battles against the third last of the Bundesliga for the last remain a place in the top division. Winner will be determined on the basis of a return match.

What is Bundesliga ?

Records and statistics:

The coveted championship cup has been struck so far by twelve teams since the introduction of the Bundesliga so far with FC Bayern Munich with 27 won championship titles is the undisputed record champions in Germany. The first champion of the German Bundesliga registered in the season 1963/64, the FC Cologne in the history books.

The highest victory succeeded Borussia in the 1977/78 season. Borussia from Dortmund was shot 12-0 out of the stadium with a true shooting party.

Record scorer is the “Bomber of the Nation” Gerd Muller with 365 goals in 427 games, which he was the top scorer of the Bundesliga in seven seasons.

The long-running fan and thus record player in Bundesliga history is Charly Korbel with 602 games which he completed for only one club, his Eintracht Frankfurt. Read more about Bundesliga at official web page.

The Bundesliga today:

After suffering a decent decline in the 1990s, due to the high average age of many of its champions, Germany decided to re-launch its football through the care and growth of young future champions, implementing a revival program that it starts from schools and then continues in youth centers and second teams. Where to watch Bundesliga?

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Even if the championship does not present any kind of limitation regarding the nationality of the players to be engaged, there are very many young Germans who punctually emerge every year to establish themselves in green age as established champions.

More detail with an example :

This is the case of Thomas Muller for example, or goalkeeper Manuel Neuer considered the strongest in the world, and also of Mario Gotze, author of the decisive goal that gave Germany its fourth world title last July in Brazil.

Never before in this case can we speak of the victory of an entire movement, which has solid roots and is capable of producing a truly competitive championship.

There are numerous German teams that deserve a mention, Bayern Munich above all: the Bavarian team has won 25 national titles and 5 times the European Cup, consecutively from 1973 to 1976.

Bayern’s rival fairs are Borussia Dortmund, also winners of a European Cup. And in the past Borussia first and then Bayer Leverkusen: the latter team has always belonged to the pharmaceutical giant Bayer and was founded by an employee of the same company in November 1903.

Hamburg Team:

Another team that deserves is Hamburg, the only team ever-present since the founding of the Bundesliga to date in the top flight, while two teams that are currently in Zweite Liga, the second series of the German football system deserve a mention. : RasenBall Leipzig is a rich and ambitious team owned by the multinational Red Bull, and is challenged for the promotion in maximum series with its opposite, the St. Pauli, less rich and winning club of Hamburg, become a cult phenomenon after the opposition of its fans to the policy of clearing public housing.

The rebellious, proletarian and romantic spirit has emerged from the confines of the port district and has infected all the aspirants of another football still possible.

Currently, the “pirates” can boast fan clubs all over the world, thanks to the extreme sympathy that the original and romantic way they have of understanding football evokes.

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