How to get an Ethereum wallet? There are a variety of wallets for Ethereum, but each one adapts to the needs of each user. Choosing one is the first step to start interacting with the world of digital money inΒ best bitcoin sports betting. It is not too complicated, but there are many options, so we have decided to try several programs and choose the best wallets for each type of use you want to give.

How to get an Ethereum Wallet?

To define what type of wallet we need to store our Ether coins, we must know how we will use these coins. Depending on the purpose, we can make the best choice. As we talk about digital money, the software to use to meet the following characteristics:

Control of your investment: 

You must manage your money better, so you must have full control of it. If you allow others to have your Ethereum (ETH) in their possession, such as when using a wallet through web access, you will lose your money.

How to get an Ethereum Wallet?Open Source Wallet: 

The source code of the wallet should preferably be open source. He who owes nothing fears nothing. Open source guarantees that anyone can check it and see that it does not hide anything negative. In such a large community that is very good.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA): 

This security measure is very important since it guarantees the security of your digital money. You can transact with it even on a computer infected by viruses or malware and remain safe.

How to get an Ethereum Wallet?
Get an Ethereum Wallet

Guaranteed privacy: 

Your level of privacy is important, a wallet that prevents you from sharing your balance or data about your transactions, making you less likely to rob.

Regulate commissions: 

Keeping track of the amount you pay for fees or commissions will be very useful. At certain times you will want to make quick transactions, and regulating commissions makes it easier for you to increase the value. Also, reduce it when you are not in a hurry to buy or sell. Remember that the price of ether has continued to rise and it is crucial to avoid high rates.

How to get an Ethereum Wallet?

Ethereum allows creating tokens under its ERC-20 standard. These have their price, so there are Ethereum wallets that also accept to protect other tokens other than Ether.

1. Web wallets for Ethereum:

Web wallets are the easiest to use, as it is enough to register with a company or exchange such as Coinbase or Localbitcoins. To access them we can do it on your website, from any PC or mobile device. Some even have an app for our smartphones. As a general rule, the control of private keys shares, something that does not have to consider bad or less secure. But we will always recommend safeguarding your funds to a personal wallet in which only you have control.

eToro: your trusted Wallet:

When it comes to storing Ethereum under a safe and regulated environment, eToro offers the best network services. Although it is not a traditional wallet, with a couple of keys within the blockchain, you can see eToro as an even safer wallet. Why? This platform allows you to invest in ETH using CFD contracts, being able to take advantage of each rise or fall at your convenience. It also has licenses to operate worldwide, and you won’t have to worry about lost funds or cyberattacks on the blockchain.


MyEtherWallet is the most popular option, which has been developed by the Ether community, as a web interface wallet. MEW is a completely free open-source interface that allows users like you and me to create. Also, you can simply manage Ethereum wallets, in which you can create, send and receive Ethereum by entering your private key. You can also create a wallet that will generate public keys to receive Ether, or simply send and receive Ether only once.

Know about CEX:

Established since 2013, as the first cloud mining provider, CEX.IO has evolved to become a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange. It already has over one million users.

Instant purchase and sale of Bitcoin are available through a simplified package interface. Their Wallets are very robust and safe. They include data encryption and protection against attacks. It has a 2-factor security system. You can use these wallets to send and receive funds, your platform has proven stability, which guarantees the security of assets and data.

How to get an Ethereum Wallet?
Ethereum Wallet

2. Ethereum Computer Wallets:

Whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, another very valid option when saving your cryptocurrencies is to use a computer wallet. It is simply a program that is installed on your computer and automatically creates your wallet in this case to store your Ethereum.

3. Hardware Type Wallets:

Physical or hardware type wallets are a way to store your coins offline, hacker-free and other difficulties. As the cryptocurrency community has been growing, we have these wallets that give you maximum security. Trezor, KeepKey or Ledger Wallet would be the most uses. 

These wallets are physical devices that have a secure chip that makes us unable to use them without authenticating ourselves with our private key. As they are not connected to the Internet, they are referred to as β€œcold” storage wallets.

They connect to any computer via USB. Increased security by setting a PIN and 2FA. Also, the transactions are signing in a secure environment.They have their seed and are easy to restore.