How to get a Bitcoin Cash wallet? Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world of Scottish football betting and the world of sports betting. Bitcoin Cash Wallet is a simple and secure way to send and receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through the blockchain. If you want to know how to get a Bitcoin Cash Wallet, let us find it in the following.

How to get a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

If you want to buy Bitcoin Cash, you have a choice of different wallets. We chose Electrum’s Bitcoin Cash Wallet.

How to get a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?
Get a Bitcoin Cash Wallet

There are different ways of installing your wallet. The simplest variant is to use the simple Windows Installer. You can download the file directly from its official site. Choose the appropriate version (Mac, Windows or Linux). The easiest way is with the Windows Installer.

Ways to install Wallet:

– When the file is downloaded, just unzip it and start the setup. Now just follow the instructions and install.

– Now just leave it on Auto-connect and continue clicking. Now you get to the point where you can give your wallet a name.

– After giving your wallet a name, click Next again. Now you get to the wallet selection. We only ask for a password because we already have another wallet.

– Here you can select the standard wallet because it has all the necessary functions. The wallet with double authentication is chargeable but offers more security. We were satisfied with the standard version. Now you get to the next step:

How to get a Bitcoin Cash Wallet? Steps:

– If you have never created an Electrum Bitcoin Cash Wallet, you have to select “Create a new seed” because this will create a completely new wallet.

– In the next step, you will receive a “security phrase” which you have to write down because your wallet will be using in an emergency, e.g. your computer breaks, you can restore it. You should never pass it on or store it somewhere in a public place.

– If you click next again, you will be asking to re-enter the sentence. Here you can simply copy the sentence in again.

– If you have also done this, then you can decide whether your wallet keys should be encrypted with a password. You should definitely do this because it increases your wallet security.

Learn tabs with functions:

– You have different tabs with functions. Under History, you can see your previous transaction history. You can send Bitcoin Cash under Send. You must always use the address given here as the receiving address when you buy Bitcoin Cash or send Bitcoin Cash to you from another source.

– We also advise you to back up your private key file. You can use this to restore your wallet in an emergency if your PC should break for any reason.

– You click on Wallet and then on the sub-item “Private Keys” and then on Export. Electrum then generates your private keys. You can now also choose whether you want to download it in various formats.

If you are looking for a wallet to store Bitcoin Cash that covers all your needs, do not forget to take into account the following features:

How to get a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?Features to Note:

Compatibility with Bitcoin Cash: Make sure that any wallet you are considering supports Bitcoin Cash. You should not assume that just because a wallet allows you to store bitcoin will also allow you to store BCH, as they are different currencies.

Easy to use:

Cryptocurrencies are complicated, and so are many cryptocurrency wallets, so make sure that the wallet you choose has an easy to understand user interface that facilitates and simplifies the management of your funds.


Check if the portfolio you want to use is backed by a dedicated development team that continues to update the portfolio and add new features.

Customer Service:

If you ever experience a problem with your portfolio, it is essential that you can quickly access customer service. Find out how you can contact the support team in your portfolio and how quickly it responds.

Control of your private keys:

Your private keys grant you the right to manage your cryptocurrencies, so it is worth looking for a portfolio that allows you to maintain control over them and that does not require you to share them with a third party.

Security and Support:

Does the portfolio offer security features such as two-factor authentication, advanced encryption and/or phrase / PIN password? Is there a function that allows you to make backup copies to restore your wallet if something goes wrong?

Good Reputation:

Finally, take into account the reviews of other users and how long the portfolio provider has been operating to determine if it is a reliable storage option.

Tips for storing Bitcoin Cash securely:

To ensure that you store your Bitcoin Cash or any other cryptocurrency securely, keep the following tips in mind:

How to get a Bitcoin Cash Wallet?
Bitcoin Cash Wallet

– Do your own research: Thoroughly research any portfolio before deciding to use it to store your funds. Examine its security features, reputation, customer support and ease of use to decide if it is right for your needs.

– Make use of all security features: Whichever portfolio you choose, remember to take full advantage of the security features it offers. Set up two-factor authentication, create a secure PIN and make sure you always keep control of your private keys.

– Update your antivirus protection: Make sure that any device you use to manage your cryptocurrencies is protecting by the latest antivirus and antimalware software.

– Back: Remember to back up your wallet regularly. This will ensure that you don’t lose your funds if something goes wrong.

– Store large quantities: If you need to store a large amount of BCH or any other cryptocurrency, it is worth considering investing in a reliable hardware portfolio.