COPA Libertadores: The CONMEBOL Libertadores is widely famous as COPA Libertadores. It is an annual international club football competition organized by CONMEBOL since 1960.

Its rich history has been saturated with many legendary games, emblematic players and exceptional teams. Let us find out more about COPA Libertadores.

COPA Libertadores History:

The birth of a continental passion:

In South America, official matches between clubs from different countries were born in 1900, when Francis Chevallier Boutell assumed the presidency of the Argentine Football Association (AFA). He created the Competition Cup and donated the trophy to be played between the clubs of Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Montevideo that signed up to participate.

Colo Colo and the Champions Cup:

The Chilean Luis Valenzuela, president of the Federation of Chile since 1937 and CSF since January 15, 1939, was the one who made those wishes come true. In his third presidency in Colo Colo, Robinson Alvarez expressed his decision to organize, in Santiago, the Champions Cup of America.

During February and March 1948 the tournament was held with the crowned clubs of 1947. Vasco da Gama (Brazil) became champion.

COPA Libertadores
COPA Libertadores Cup

The proposal takes shape:

In September 1958 the new head of the CSF Jose Ramos de Freitas (Brazil) sent a telegram to the Associations of Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, announcing his arrival to those countries that, in that order he would visit, “with the purpose of consider with the leaders important problems related to future activities in the continent ”.

In Caracas the idea is consolidated:

The CSF convened on July 30, 1959, a new congress in Caracas, then the headquarters of the Federation of an incipient football. The most important point of the meeting: the creation of the Champions Cup. The original idea of ​​Chile now had the fervent support of Argentina and Brazil.

Finally, on August 2, 1959, that extensive meeting became historic. With 8 votes in favor and one against (Uruguay), in addition to the abstention of Venezuela, the CSF resolved by the majority, the creation of the Champions Cup.

Only after the congress session between August 27 and 30, 1959 chaired by Fermin Sorhueta was it decided that the competition will be calling “Liberators of America”, in homage to the heroes who founded the creation of the South American nations.

The first match in the history of the event was the one between Penarol of Uruguay and Jorge Wilstermann of Bolivia, which ended with a 7-1 bulge in favor of the Uruguayan team.

It was played on April 19, 1960. The champion of that edition was Penarol, who beat the Olympiad of Paraguay in the final.

The winner of this competition disputes the South American Cup Winners Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup. It was disputed in the first half of each year. The club with the most titles is Independiente with seven and the top scorer is Ecuadorian Alberto Spencer with 54 goals.

Final of COPA Libertadores:

Everything you need to know about the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019

Recently the networks exploded with the news that the new headquarters of the unique final of the Copa Libertadores 2019 would be the Peruvian capital.

The Flamengo of Brazil and the Argentines of River Plate will play the coveted cup on Saturday, November 23 at the Monumental Stadium at 3 p.m. local time (5 p.m. Argentine and Brazilian time), as announced by CONMEBOL.

Why was the headquarters changed?

Until a few hours ago, the only final was going to be held in Santiago, Chile. However, the state of emergency in which the main cities of the country are locating meant that CONMEBOL, together with the presidents of Flamengo and River Plate. The associations of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile agreed to change the headquarters. According to the CONMEBOL statement, they based the decision on “the policy of making each of the unique finals in different countries”.

Why not play in Argentina or Brazil?

Because CONMEBOL is implementing a new system of finals, as applied in tournaments such as the Champions League. Instead of the classic finals that were playing with round-trip matches, the match between Flamengo and River Plate will be the first as a single final, which makes it a historically even more important event.

COPA Libertadores
COPA Libertadores Matches

What about the people who bought tickets for the match?

CONMEBOL announced that they will return 100% of the price of tickets to those who purchased them, through the same means where they made the purchase.

These fans will receive a new code that will give them a right of preference so that they can purchase their new tickets for a period of 72 hours.

Once this period has elapsed, the code will no longer be valid and tickets will be put on sale for the general public. Read more about Copa Libertadores here.

How to buy tickets of COPA Libertadores?

Although it has not yet been communicated where tickets to buy for the final at the new headquarters, CONMEBOL had drawn 25,000 for the match in Chile. It is dividing into two lots of 12,500 for each of the two teams. Its also very difficult to get the ticket, similar to Copa America tickets.

The sale began in August and there were three categories: Pacific Grandstand ($ 250, the only ones numbered), Andes Grandstand ($ 150) and South West Courts, South Gallery, South East, North East, North Gallery and North West ($ 80).

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