Sweden Women’s Soccer Team:

Sweden Womens Soccer Team

Sweden Women’s Soccer Team: The Swedish Women’s National Soccer Team is the country’s representative team in official women’s soccer competitions. Its organization is in charge of the Swedish Football Association, which belongs to UEFA. Let us find out more about this team.

Sweden Women’s Soccer Team History:

The Swedish team played their first game in 1973, a 0-0 against Finland. They debuted in official competition at the first Euro Cup 1984. They won the tournament by beating England on penalties in the final. In the second edition, they reached the final again but lost it against Norway.

Norway also defeated Sweden in the 1988 Test World Cup final in the 1989 European Championship and 1991 World Cup semi-finals.

Sweden Womens Soccer Team
Sweden Women’s Soccer Team

After staying out of the 1991 and 1993 Euro Cups, they reached the final of the Eurocopa 1995. That same year they organized the World-wide one, in which in an investment of the happened thing in the ’91 Worldwide one-China got them off in quarters.

In the Eurocopa 2005, Norway defeated them in the semifinals, while the World Cup 2007 brought one of the great failures of the national team. They were eliminated in the group stage.

In the Games of Beijing and Eurocopa 2009, they fell in quarters of end against their great rivals, Germany and Norway respectively. In the 2011 World Cup, they reached the semifinals and won bronze by defeating France who took revenge at the London Olympics by eliminating them in the quarterfinals.

Olympic debut:

In their Olympic debut, in Atlanta’96, they fell in the first phase, and in the 1997 European Championship Germany defeated them again in the semifinals.

In the 1999 World Cup, they fell again in the quarterfinals, and the Sydney Games in the group stage. On the contrary, they reached the final in Euro 2001 and the 2003 World Cup. Germany left them without a title both times. It also left them without bronze at the Athens Games.

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