What is Parlay in sports betting?

What is Parlay in sports betting?

What is Parlay in sports betting? In the online sports betting bitcoin sector, there is a term that you should know if you want to enjoy all the excitement that online betting can give you. This is the Parley.

Parley is a type of bet in which bets from various events combine.

Generally, you have to choose a minimum of 3 events and bet on all three events, having to hit all three results to win the combined bet.

What is Parlay in sports betting?
Parlay in sports betting

What is Parlay in sports betting?

A parlay is 2 or more sports bets on the same card where the factors are multiplied together, to give a higher number which will be multiplying by your bet.

To win the Parlay, you must match all your predictions, since if you lose a single one, your bets will consider as lost. It is also popular as an “all or nothing” bet, since the more factors you add, the higher the prize will be, but you will have fewer probabilities of success.

What happens in case of suspension of a match?

Both or more games added to your Parlay must be victorious for the Parlay to pay the bet. In the event that one of them is suspended for any reason, the factor to multiply will always be 1.

What is a combination bet?

It is a much more dynamic type of combined bet than Parlay. Here there is no longer the uniformity of the combined, nor the dependence on getting everything right to win. Read more about parlay betting here.

Each chosen event has its own bet, this means that if we choose 4 events, it will not exercise as a single bet, but will exercise as 4 bets if the type of system we choose is the usual one.

The logical consequence of this is that instead of paying for a bet as in the Parlay we must pay the 4 bets as if we were betting on the 4 events separately in a single bet.