What is a Parlay bet in football?

What is a Parlay bet in football?

What is a Parlay bet in football? The parlays are by far the most popular bitcoin sports betting in the exotic category. This is mainly due to the fact that high profits can achieve with only small bets. Basically, you can say that a parlay bet is a combination of several sports bets.

Let us understand properly what is a Parlay bet in Football?

What is a Parlay bet in football?

In Parlay betting, you have to bet on at least 2 teams, which means that such a sports bet practically consists of different smaller bets. For a parlay to consider successful and bring a profit. However, all components of it must have been successful. As a result, a parlay bet is not only characterized by high winnings, but also by a particularly high level of difficulty.

For example, if you place a parlay bet for a total of four teams, it will only be successful if you have bet on the right team in all 4 cases. A parlay is therefore also lost if 3 of the 4 teams win, but the 4th team, unfortunately, loses the match.

What is a Parlay bet in football?
Parlay bet in football

If you want to place a Parlay, you should, therefore, inform yourself in detail about this exotic type of sports betting. Also, familiarize yourself with the special features of this variant. Because usually you do not bet on the winner of a sporting match, but also include the point spread in the bet. The Money Line Parlay is also one of the basic forms of this sports betting.

With point spread Parlay, the probability of a successful bet is extremely low, because it has an enormous variety of possible combinations. The risk of loss logically increases with the number of teams you bet on in the respective parlay. So, the chances of winning a bet with 3 teams are purely 6 to 1. Read more about Parlays here.

Money Line Parlays :

In contrast, a successful Parlay bet with ten teams is almost impossible, as the probability of 600 to 1 proves.

In contrast, Money Line Parlays do not use odds, as these can vary from team to team. The biggest peculiarity of a Money Line Parlay is the fact that the entire bet places on a team first.

If this part of the sports bet was successful, the win for the next team is placed in addition to the actual stake. As a result, the odds of winning a Money Line Parlay bet are much higher.