What does -3 mean in Betting?

What does -3 mean in Betting? In online sports betting bitcoin, in a betting line between 2 teams, the team which is expected to win or is the most favorite will have Minus (-) or negative odds. It shows for every dollar wagers, you will earn less than a dollar if your bet wins.

That team that is expected to the underdog or lost, will have plus or positive odds.

What does -3 mean in Betting?

In a handicap betting, if you will bet with a fictional score already in place. For example, the most favorite team may have handicap of -3. It means that they need to win by 4 goals or more to cover this handicap.

What does -3 mean in Betting?
-3 mean in Betting

This is the most popular types:

It is one of the most popular types of bets in recent times is the over/under.  These bets are of a fairly simple type.

What they are going to offer us is if a certain event is going to end with a marker above or below that result. For example, in a soccer game, above 1.5 or below.

If two goals are scored, the one who bet below 1.5 has already lost the bet, so in those types of matches, the odds go to the next suit, the 2.5-goal, above or below.

Why are over/under bets so popular?

It is perhaps due to the simplicity of the same. The fact is that this type of betting also provides us with a fairly simple calculation system, both for bookies and bettors.

That thing is very simple:

If, for example in soccer, we have a team that scores a lot of goals, such as being one of the best teams in the league. Then we will expect the number of goals in the match to be quite high, especially if the rival is “loose”.

For this, we will look at the goals statistics of the last matches of each team and we will make an estimate.

You can be sure that bookmakers have developed systems that measure this almost perfectly, with a not too high margin of error. At least not enough so that bettors can get many benefits from them.