How to read betting lines?

How to read betting lines?

How to read betting lines? Betting lines in bitcoin football betting is a form of betting whereby the bookmaker handicaps a player/team to effectively make the contest 50/50. This handicap is set by creating a margin line between the 2 teams. 

How to read betting lines?

If the bookmaker believes that New Orleans (Team A) is a 20-point better team than Chicago Bulls (Team B), the bookmaker can handicap Team A by 20 points.

This option would be either backing the Team A to win by more than 20 points or the Team B to get within 20 points. Both outcomes of this bet will be of equal odds which is roughly $ 1.90.

How to read betting lines?
Read betting lines

How do I place multiple combined bets?

There are some types of multiple bets that you should consider. The most common is the combined multiple bet. It is advantageous about the simple accumulated ones. Even if not all your results come out, you can still have the chance to win something. It should be noted that this will depend on the type of combined multiple bet you are making. 

The first type is the 2/4 combined multiple with 6 bets. In this type, you will make 4 predictions. Of these, 6 multiples of 2 will form. 

In other words, at least 2 predictions of the four need to be right for you to obtain any financial return. There is also the combined multiple Heinz, in which 6 predictions are made. Fifty-seven bets are formed here. There are 15 multiples of 2, 15 multiples of 4, a multiple of 6 and 20 multiples of 3.

When do multiple bets pay off?

One of the questions that bettors ask themselves most is whether multiple or accumulated bets are synonymous with profit or loss. Answering that question requires us to look at some questions. 

First, you need to take into account the expected value of the bets, which is nothing more than the probability of winning or losing a bet. When doing this calculation, your expected value must be positive. In other words: there are more chances of profit.