Which gambling sites accept Bitcoin?

Which gambling sites accept Bitcoin?

Which gambling sites accept Bitcoin? You are probably reading this because you want to know which are the best bitcoin soccer betting sites 2020.

Which gambling sites accept Bitcoin?

– Betway

– Cloudbet.com

– Sportsbet.io

– 22Bet Casino

– mBit

– 1xBit

You can sign up for any of these gaming sites and enjoy it to the fullest. However, we also thoroughly research all gaming sites before deciding to recommend them. Also, we do so because it is important to us that all sites meet our standards otherwise we would not feel comfortable recommending them.

Which gambling sites accept Bitcoin?
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How we choose recommendations?

Below are the minimum standards we require of any site to recommend it.

Gaming license:

Cryptocurrencies are relatively new and unregulated, which has spawned unlicensed and unregulated gaming sites under their wing. Avoid places like this at all costs. The security of your Bitcoin capital depends on it.

If you want to have a safe and pleasant experience, you should only enroll in licensed sites. That by itself does not guarantee that something bad will not happen, but it usually provides you with resources that you would not otherwise have.

Good reputation:

We do research on the Internet and in various gaming forums to ensure that the sites we recommend are reputable.

What does that mean? It means that when you sign up for a site that we recommend, you will not be scammed or treated unfairly. They will offer you gambling bonuses with reasonable conditions and quick payments.

Available and helpful customer support:

In this case, we look at a couple of aspects. On the one hand, we check what options they have. The more different means of customer service they offer, the better. We like gaming sites to provide, at a minimum, email and live chat support, to which we add extra points if they also offer phone support.

Clear and fair terms and conditions:

Its terms must also be reasonable. They should not offer the site loopholes in which they can rely on to avoid paying their clients.