How to buy Bitcoins with cash deposit?

How to buy Bitcoins with cash deposit?

How to buy Bitcoins with cash deposit? Surely you are wondering, how do I buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using cash for bitcoin soccer betting? And Where can I buy it with the assurance that the platform will not share my personal data?

The quick answer is that you can do it in LocalCoinSwap since it is one of the popular and reliable platforms. Let us learn here step by step guide.

How to buy Bitcoins with cash deposit?

Step 1:

Enter this page

Step 2: Create your account

Click “Register” and fill in the registration boxes. You only need an email to register. LocalCoinSwap does not ask you for personal information because they value your security.

Step 3: Login:

Once you register, click on “Login” and put your username or email along with the password. Then, you will enter the main page. Now they land on the “search bar” to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Step 4: Filtering and Ads:

Once the search filter has been made, in this case for the purchase of Bitcoin, all the ads that meet the characteristics you have chosen will appear at the bottom.

How to buy Bitcoins with cash deposit?
Buy Bitcoins with Cash Deposit

Step 5: How to buy Bitcoins with cash deposit?

There are important factors to consider when choosing an ad. For practical reasons we are going to divide them into 3 blocks:

– The first block gives you data on the advertiser’s reputation: past buy/sell number, star rating, response speed, and more.

– The second block mentions the cryptocurrency to buy or sell, the payment method and the amount range that the seller is willing to trade.

– And finally, the third block specifies the place of the transaction, the price of Bitcoin in local currency. eye! That everything is included. Seller’s profit margins and 1% commission charged by LocalCoinSwap. With us, there are no surprises!

Step 6. Bitcoin purchase:

In block 1, detailed in the image, it shows us how much of Bitcoin in the selected currency we want to buy?

Once in accordance with the advertiser’s bitcoin purchase conditions, we click on the blue button “Buy Bitcoin” and click on the green “Yes, confirm” button that will appear later.

Step 7: Bitcoin seller agrees to trade with us:

We are currently waiting for our Bitcoin seller to agree to transact with us. When the seller accepts the transaction, LocalCoinSwap will take custody of the amount of Bitcoin that we have agreed to buy.

Step 8: Coordinate:

The level of coordination with the seller depends on the payment method we choose. In this case, we have chosen “Cash in Person” so we must coordinate with the advertiser the details of our meeting.

Step 9: Seller confirms about payment:

Now the seller must confirm that we have paid the correct amount for the purchase of Bitcoin. After this confirmation, LocalCoinSwap releases the amount of Bitcoin that was in its custody and automatically passes it to our virtual wallet in your LocalCoinSwap account.