Where is the Europa league final 2020?

Where is the Europa league final 2020?

Let us find out here where is the Europa League final 2020? Europa League final 220 will be the 49th season of Europe’s secondary club tournament after the Champions League.

Where is the Europa league final 2020?

Europa League Final 2020 will be on May 27, 2019, at Arena Gdansk.

The UEFA Europa League is already in the group stage. The tournament has been running since June with the previous phases to finish making the list of tournament participants. 64 teams would fight one more season to succeed Chelsea as champion.

Where is the Europa league final 2020?
Europa league final 2020

About Arena Gdansk stadium:

As mentioned above, the final will be on May 27, 2019, at the Gdansk Arena. It is in the city of Gdansk, Poland, and was creating to host Euro 2012 matches.

The stadium designs with the appearance of amber, a product traditionally extracted from the Baltic coast. Construction began in 2008 and was completed in 2011. It is mainly used for football matches and is the stadium of Lechia Gdansk. The capacity is 41,000 locations.

When is the group phase played?

The group stage: 1st day (September 19), 2nd day (October 3), 3rd day (October 24) 4th day (November 7), 5th day (November 28) and 6th day (December 12 ).

Heats: Round of 16, first leg (February 20-27), a round of 16, round (March 12-19), quarter-finals, round-trip (April 9), quarter-finals, lap (April 16), semifinals, first leg (April 30), semifinals, lap (May 7).

And final will be on 27th May Saturday, 2020 at Gdansk Arena of Poland.

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