When is the European soccer championship?

When is the European soccer championship?

When is the European soccer championship? A European Championship is the top-level international sports competition. Let us find out when this championship will be playing?

When is the European soccer championship?

This soccer championship will be playing from 12th June 2020 to 12th July 2020 and will be organizing in 12 cities in 12 UEFA countries.

Why is Euro 2020 celebrated in 12 locations?

The decision to expand the number of EuroCup venues was taken by the UEFA Executive Committee in 2012. The main purpose to host in all European countries is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this tournament.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who was UEFA General Secretary, explained that “instead of having a party in one country, we will have a party throughout Europe in the summer of 2020”.

“An opportunity like this, giving many cities and many countries the possibility of hosting a part of the EURO, is certainly something excellent. Especially in times when you have an economic situation where you cannot expect countries to invest in facilities in the way that such an event requires”.

When is the European soccer championship?
European Soccer championship

When is the European soccer championship? Euro 2020 final:

The EURO 2020 final (July 12) will be played at Wembley Stadium, the home of the England National Team. 

Redesigned and reopened in 2007, the new stadium seats 90,000 people and hosts the FA Cup finals and League Cups, as well as the Community Shield.

As the competition is held in many European countries, there is no automatic classification. Each of the UEFA member countries will have to win its place in the final phase.

Classification phase of Euro 2020:

The qualification phase for Euro 2020 will incorporate a new system. In line with the traditional method, 4 more places to be decided through the UEFA League of Nations.

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