How many goals has Ronaldo scored?

How many goals has Ronaldo scored?

How many goals has Ronaldo scored? Christiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional football player. He plays as a forward for Serie A club Juventus and captains the Portugal national team. He was previously playing in Real Madrid in La Liga and Manchester United in Premier League.

Cristiano Ronaldo reached 700 goals – his incredible numbers:

Recently Ronaldo celebrated before Ukraine and reached the incredible figure at 34 years old. The breakdown of an amazing statistic

Despite his age, the striker is still in force and maintains his scoring mark that recently has reached the spectacular figure of 700 goals. It is a great achievement and it is something that only 5 players have exceeded (Josef Bican, Pele, Romario, Ferenc Puskas, and Gerd Muller).

How many goals has Ronaldo scored?
How many goals has Ronaldo scored?

With his celebration before the selection of Ukraine in the framework of the defeat of Portugal 2-1 in the Qualifiers heading for Euro 2020, the Portuguese added a number to a record that will continue to grow.

But the most shocking thing is that his average conversion per game is 0.71 since in his career he has played 974 matches.

It should be noted that these goals do not include the friendlies with their teams or those they scored as a youth in the lower divisions of Sporting Lisbon.

Ronaldo continues to make a difference to Lionel Messi who has 672 shouts, although in 823 matches (so the average of the Argentine is higher – 0.82). Read more about Ronaldo here.

Let us check the statistics of Christiano Ronaldo.

Goals: 700:

Matches: 974

Age: 34 years old

Goal Average: 0.71

Goals with clubs: 605 in 812 games

Goals with the Portuguese national team: 95 in 162 games

Penalty goals: 63 (82% effective)

Free throw goals: 54

Heading goals: 127

Left-handed goals: 127

Goals with right: 434

Home goals: 382

Visitor goals: 279

Top scorer in the history of Real Madrid: 450

Top scorer in the history of the Portuguese national team: 95

Top scorer in the history of the Champions League: 128

Club with the most goals scored: Sevilla, 27

Hat-tricks: 54 (8 with the Portugal team, one with Manchester United, 1 with Juventus and 44 with Real Madrid)

More than 3 goals in a match: 10

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