What channel is the FIFA Club World Cup on?

What channel is the FIFA Club World Cup on?

What channel is the FIFA Club World Cup on? Every December, 7 football teams are cited at one point on the globe. The champions of the 6 most important continental competitions and the winner of the first division league of the host country.

This is the Club World Cup that FIFA organizes every year and that is surely the most prominent club tournament in the football calendar.

If you are also a great football fan and do not want to miss a match of the championship, read on to know which television channels and streaming services will broadcast all the matches live.

What channel is the FIFA Club World Cup on?

Club World Cup matches can be watched live on television BBC TV Channels and BBC iPlayer.

What channel is the FIFA Club World Cup on?
FIFA Club World Cup

Use VPN to enjoy FIFA:

With a VPN you can change your IP address by connecting to a different server. In addition to changing your geographic location, a VPN can encrypt your data and secure your Internet connection. VPNs are wonderful tools to enjoy all matches of FIFA.

However, not all VPNs can unblock restricted content. Many streaming services, such as Netflix, detect VPNs. It is important to use a reliable and fast VPN to watch streaming.

BBC iPlayer:

BBC is the most famous radio station in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas.

This year, BBC will host 33 of the matches and you can watch its stream in the BBC iPlayer app. BBC shares broadcasting rights with ITV, so both parties will split the games.

All you need to do is connect your VPN to a server in the UK, download the iPlayer app and connect. Your VPN must be connected to a server in the United Kingdom or you will not have access.


For those who simply want to see the highlights of the matches, FIFA has its own YouTube channel. You can watch game reps, highlights, interviews, and many more but it has no live streams of the matches.

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