When is FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid?

When is FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid?

When is FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid? The time and date for the first of the season between FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid have been revealed and today are going to discuss this.

Read Madrid and Barca meet in the 10th round of LaLiga at camp Nou on 27th October. But it has been confirmed that the game will now take place on 28th October, Saturday at 13:00 (UK Time).

When is FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid?

A big face-off:

The strong rivalry during El Clasico has several causes. Not insignificant, however, is the political background: Barcelona is a symbol of the Catalan people, while Real Madrid stands for the Spanish government. 

Apart from that, this is, of course, the meeting of 2 of the strongest football clubs in the world. Real Madrid has been Spanish champions 33 times, Barcelona 25 times. There are only a few clubs that can match the levels of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. 

When is FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid?
FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid

Of course, El Clasico was also the game where Lionel Messi played Cristiano Ronaldo. Since 2010, one of them was the top scorer in the league. Only in 2016, Suarez could claim the title. Between 2008 and 2017, FIFA World Player of the Year and FIFA Ballon d’Or titles also went to either Messi or Ronaldo. Only in 2018, there was a change and the title went to Luka Modric.

From a sporting point of view, every encounter Barcelona – Real Madrid is exciting. In the past 5 years, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have played 13 official games against each other. Barcelona won and lost 5 each. Only 3 games ended in a draw. The goal difference was more than one goal in 13 games. Find more about LaLiga events here.

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