What teams are joining the MLS in 2020?

What teams are joining the MLS in 2020?

What teams are joining the MLS in 2020? Major League Soccer (MLS) is a men’s professional soccer league sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation. That represents the sport’s highest level in the United States.

What teams are joining the MLS in 2020?

MLS has currently 24 teams. FC Cincinnati is joining the 24th team in 2019. MLS is also planning to expand to 30 teams with the Nashville SC and Inter Miami in 2020, Austin FC in 2021 and St. Louis team in 2020. With its 29th and 30th teams at a later date.

New additions:

By 2020 Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC will join the MLS as new franchises. And by 2021 Austin FC will be added, and with that, the number of franchises will remain at 27.

The expansion rate for franchises 28 and 29 will be $ 200 million, while the cost for franchise 31 will be determined in the future. The situation of clubs 28 and 29 will be resolved within the next few months and everything indicates that the expansion is almost a fact.

What teams are joining the MLS in 2020?
MLS – Major League Soccer

The MLS has plans that contemplate the expansion of its league. They currently have 24 teams and the goal is to reach 30 franchises in the coming years.

Thus, Gaber commented: “There was a real strategy while developing our league to reach the south of Washington D.C. That was an important event for us. That then goes to Orlando, Atlanta, and Nashville, then to Miami. We made a great effort to expand to the southeast.”

So far, MLS has confirmed that David Beckham’s Inter Miami, plus a USL Nashville and Cincinnati FC franchise will join the 2019 season contest that will begin next March. Read more about MLS here.

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