What is a hat-trick in Soccer?

What is a hat-trick in soccer?

What is a hat-trick in Soccer? We all know what it is to make a hat-trick today, we say this when a soccer player scores 3 goals in the same game. But, really, the origin of this term is not so simple, but it is slightly different.

What is a hat-trick in Soccer?

For purists or classics, as they prefer to call it, a true hat-trick occurs when the same player scores, effectively 3 goals. When he goals one with the left foot, another with the right foot and another with the head, it is called hat-trick in a true sense. 

Actually, this variant is much more complicated to perform. Perhaps because of this, the level of difficulty has been lowered so that the term in question can be coined more times.

Given the generalization of the term hat-trick as the one, we all know. The “classic hat-trick” variant has been created, referring to the one explained in the previous paragraph.

What is a hat-trick in Soccer?
Hat-trick in Soccer

What is a hat-trick in Soccer?Another hat-trick:

Finally, there are more variants in terms of the use of this term and it is that in some countries of central and northern Europe. Making a “perfect hat-trick” occurs when the same player scores 3 goals in one same goal without anyone else having scored between the first and the last of their goals.

Who has the most hat-tricks in football?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most. He has scored 34 La Liga hat-tricks, making him the player with the most hat-tricks in La Liga history. After Ronaldo, Lionel Messi has scored 33 La Liga hat-tricks,the most for a player still active in La Liga.

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