How much are Premier League tickets?

How much are Premier League tickets?

How much are Premier League tickets? The Premier League is also referred often to as the English Premier League or also as the EPL. It is the top level of the English Football League system. It plays between 20 clubs.

If you are planning to watch its upcoming match live and looking to buy Premier League tickets, let us find out its rate and from where you can buy it?

How much are Premier League tickets?

The average price per ticket for a Premier League match is 31 pounds according to a study conducted by the English league in collaboration with the consultant EY.

The report has been carried out taking into account the data provided directly by the clubs. And includes the tickets and season tickets of all prices. In addition to the number of locations sold in each price category.

How much are Premier League tickets?
Premier League Tickets

And for the report, we have used data directly delivered by the Premier League teams, which include all prices per ticket for the matches, the cost of season tickets, in addition to the total tickets sold at each price.

26% of these are in the range between 0 and 20 pounds; 47%, between 20 and 40 pounds; 24%, between 40 and 60 pounds; and only 3% purchase tickets that cost more than 60 pounds.

The average price is even lower for away matches, falling to 28 pounds, and tickets can be purchased from 5 pounds. Read more about Premier League here.

Where to buy it?

Please note: If you want to buy the tickets of Premier League, you should always buy it from the official website of Premier League Club which is

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