Russian Premier League :

Russian Super League

Russian Premier League is the most important league in the country. Commercially is known as the SOGAZ Russian Football Championship.

It was created in 1992 when the Soviet Union disappeared. The body in charge is the Russian Football Union. Previously, professional soccer was played in the country but it is not until that date when it can be considered Russian football.

In its first season, there were 20 teams competing in the tournament, but currently, there are only 16 clubs fighting for the title. It is a European league system, round trips and the highest score obtained will be proclaimed champion.

Russian Premier League
Russian Premier League

The first two have a place in the UEFA Champions League. It is one direct and one from the previous round. The next two and the champion of the Russian Cup will go to the UEFA Europa League. It goes with two players playing the previous round and the one that mounts the Cup will directly enter the group stage.

The last two will descend to the lower division, exchanging with the first two of the National League. It is the eighth strongest league in the world and the seventh in Europe according to the ranking of FIFA.

Competition of League:

Teams of this tournament play each other 2 times, 1 at home and 1 time away. There are 30 total matches in a league. 3-points are awarded for a win, 1 for a draw match, and none for a loss. If teams are level on points, the tie-breaker is the number of wins, and then the goal differences.

However, it follows many other factors. In case teams are tied for the 1st position, the tie-breaker is the number of wins, and then head-to-head results. If the teams tied for the 1st place do not separate using tie-breakers, then a championship playoff is ordered.

Russian Premier League Betting:

Since the past few years, millions of pounds have been spent on betting across Russia to make Russian Premier League one of the most exciting leagues in Europe.

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