MLS Playoffs:

MLS Playoffs

The MLS Playoffs Cup is the annual post seasons elimination tournament. The final match of this tournament is the MLS cup which is the league’s championship game.

In total 14 teams play the postseason, 7 for each Conference, which in this phase will play a single game to define which one remains in the fight to reach the Final and play the 2019 MLS Cup.

MLS Playoffs – 2019:

The regular MLS 2019 season is over and the playoffs have been defined. In turn, LAFC and New York City, being the best in each conference, will rest and wait to meet their rivals.

On the other hand, among the surprises of teams that qualified is the New England Revolution that Bruce got to get to the final round on the east side.

At the conference this: The NYCFC will go against the winner of the key between Toronto and DC United. Those in Washington will have Wayne Rooney for the decisive round, who lives his last campaign in American football. Atlanta United will face each other against the Revs and the Philadelphia Union will play versus New York Red Bulls.

MLS Playoffs
MLS Playoffs

The winners will face each other in the semifinals.

The Conference Finals will take place between Tuesday, October 29 and Wednesday, October 30. Finally, the MLS Cup 2019 will be playing on November 10 between the finalists of each Conference.

Things to note:

– If any 2 clubs remain tied after another club with the same numbers of points, the tie breaker reverts to step 1 for the remaining 2 clubs.

– Head-to-head competition results are not using in tie-breakers since the 2020 season. Read more about MLS here.

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