When is the next COPA America?

when is the next copa america

When is the next COPA America? The Conmebol made official the Copa America 2019 after a meeting held in Uruguay. If you are eager to know when it is? Learn more here in detail.

This year COPA America will begin on 14th June and will end on 7th July.

COPA America – 2019:

The next Copa will have 16 participating countries, as well as the extraordinary edition of 2016, organized to celebrate the centennial of the Conmebol. Copa will be magnet for all football fans. Sportsbetting fans will have a lot of fun during this tournament. Check the best Copa America final odds at Coinbet24.com a bitcoin sportsbook and casino operator.

As you know, normally, the competition had 12 participants. There will be the ten selections of the Conmebol and two guests. The idea is that in 2019 two countries from CONCACAF, two from UEFA and two from the AFC (Asia) will participate.

This means that for the first time countries of the ‘Old Continent’ will compete in the tournament and for second Asians since in Paraguay 1999 Japan participated.

During the recent meeting, the South American leaders met the schedule of activities and the ideas of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) in relation to the structure of the event. Where to watch Copa America?

When is the next COPA America?
COPA America

COPA 2019 in Brazil:

Luxury guests The Copa of 2019 will be played in Brazil. Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol, confirmed the news after a meeting of Conmebol in Uruguay.

“It is a pride to start work to make an unforgettable COPA, in a country that has the recent experience of organizing major sporting events. The Conmebol lives a new moment and we are sure that it will be a historic competition, which returns to Brazil after 30 years” said Alejandro Dominguez, the president of Conmebol. Read more about Copa here.

This will be the fifth time that America’s Cup will be held in Brazil since in the past it was played in the country of the five-time world champions in the years 1919, 1922, 1949 and 1989.