Who won the last COPA America?

Who won the last COPA America?

Who won the last COPA America? Last COPA America was played in the year 2016. The 2016 competition was a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the COPA America. In the year 2016, the first ever COPA tournament was hosted outside of South America. Since the inception of Africa cup of nations, 2016 tournament was the 45th edition.

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Who won the last COPA America?

In a rematch of COPA America 2016 final, Chile again emerged as the winner at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

It was an unexpected end for an expected champion. Chile defeated Argentina. Chile was crowned champion of the COPA America centenario after 120 minutes of match without scoring.

Who won the last COPA America?
Champions of COPA America

They did it in penalties (4-2), like a year ago but with different players. A star extinguished in late as Lionel Messi who ended up failing his penalty. The games for the title are a ghost that scares Argentina.

Winner of the last COPA America :

With this title, Chile became the 4th nation that won at least two consecutive COPA America titles after Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

This 100th-year edition of COPA America was full of intrigue and incidents. How can i watch Copa America?

Price money:

It was also a significant prize money available. When this tournament began, Grant Wahl who is a Sports Illustrated had published a breakdown of $21.5 million. 

The winning team Chile earned immense prize money and took home $6.5 million. Other quarterfinalists had also received healthy pay. The United States took home $2.5 million, Colombia earned $3 million, and Argentina got $3.5 million.

Chile succeeded to acquire 2nd consecutive COPA America title. But Argentine superstar Lionel Messi missed in a penalty shootout for the first ever a time in his entire career. Check latest Copa America news at official website.