Super Lig (Turkish Super League):

super lig

The Super Lig is in Turkey is the first level of professional football. It has existed since 1959 and brings together 18 clubs each season. Since that date, rare, almost all championships have been won by Istanbul clubs.

Note that since this year only, clubs playing Super Lig can accommodate up to 10 players from abroad, which was not allowed until now.

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Super Lig details :

The Super Lig is a Turkish Professional League for Football Association Clubs. There are 18 clubs play each year. The entire season runs from the month August to May next year. Each club in this league plays 34 games from Monday to Friday.

Super Lig

The first-ever Super Lig was played in the year 1959 as Milli Lig (National League). It took place in Turkey. This league has passed National Division and The Turkish Football Championship both leagues are former national high-level competitions.

So far total 68 clubs have participated in Super Lig but only 5 have won the title Galatasaray – 21 times, Fenerbahce – 19 times, Besiktas – 15 times, Trabzonspor – 65 times and Bursaspor – 1 time.

The History of Turkish Super League :

Football game in Turkey dates back to the 19th century. At that time British introduced this game while there were living in Salonika which was the part of the Turkish Empire.

The first-ever competition of this league was the Istanbul Football League that took place in the year 1904-1905. There were many seasons played in several variants until the establish of Milli Lig in the year 1959.

Between the establishment of the Istanbul League and Milli Lig, many other regional leagues also took place: Adana (1923), Ankara (1923), Eskisehir (1920), İzmir (1923), Kayseri (1936) and Trabzon (1923) among others.

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