Europa League Winners:

Europa League Winners

Europa League Winners: The UEFA Europa League is an annual football club competition. It is organized by UEFA since 1971 for eligible European Football Clubs.

The competition system consists of double game clashes, round trip, between teams designated by lottery. Until 1996, the finals were also played in round-trip matches, in the stadiums of the two contestants.

Since 1997 the final is played in a single game in the neutral field and the champion gets the privilege of facing the UEFA Champions League champion in the European Super Cup.

The clubs have different ways to qualify for this competition, such as the teams that remain behind the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. Also champions of League of countries with the worse position in the ranking and the winners of the trophies of Cup invited by UEFA. Read more about UEFA Europa League here.

Europa League Winners
Europa League Trophy

Europe League Winners:

Following are the winners of Europa League:

·        Chelsea – 2018-19

·        Atletico Madrid – 2017-18

·        Manchester United – 2016-17

·        Sevilla – 2015-16

·        Sevilla – 2014-15

·        Sevilla – 2013-14

·        Chelsea – 2012-13

·        Atletico Madrid – 2011-12

·        Porto – 2010-11

·        Atletico Madrid – 2009-10

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