Danish Superliga :

Danish Superliga

The Danish Superliga is the top category of professional football in Denmark. The competition is organized by the Danish Football Union.

In recent years, Danish Superliga has experienced great growth with many fans and a new stadium. Also, it has risen in the 12th position in the UEFA best league ranking. This season runs from July month to May month. Each team plays 3 games that a total of 198 games in the entire season. The winner plays in UEFA Champions League qualification.

History of Danish Superliga :

Danish Superliga was founded in the year 1991 and replaced the First Division of Denmark as the highest football championship in Denmark. In the year 1991, 2 seasons were disputed.

A transitional one (held in spring 1991) that began with 10 teams and from which the Brondby IF won. And another (1991-92) that would have 2 phases: A regular championship with 10 teams during the fall and a final phase with the first 8 teams in spring. Read more about Danish SuperLiga at their official website.

Danish Superliga
Danish Superliga

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