Who got promoted to the premier league?

who got promoted to the premier league

Who got promoted to the premier league? The season in the English Football League Championship (second division of England) officially came to an end.

We know who went directly to the Premier League, the champion and also the second placed team. Furthermore, the 4 teams that are going to play the promotion.

What the promotion is?

Before starting, let’s clarify what the promotion is. This is a kind of ‘Final Four’ or semifinals. If you want to see it that way, where the clubs from third to sixth place, they eliminate each other until there is only one team ‘alive’. And this will be the one that rises together to the first and second place, who get their direct pass.

The teams that promoted directly to the Premier League and those that will play the promotion

It’s like a mini-league. Third vs. sixth and fourth and fifth, the winners face and whoever wins this “end”’, ascend.

Who got promoted to the premier league?

Who got promoted to the premier league?

The undisputed champion, is the Norwich City that got 94 points in the 46 games played in the season. That yielded 27 wins, 13 draws and only 6 defeats, so although it is a level ‘inferior’ to the Premier League. You have to be careful with them. Who got relegated from the Premier League?

Furthermore, the second place was the Sheffield United, who does not win any trophy after being in this position, only his direct ticket to the Premier.

Here comes the good. Furthermore, Leeds United occupied the third place. Team of ‘Loco’ Bielsa with 83 points, same that ‘gave’ a goal to his rival a few days ago; Also, Albion are the fourth by the with 80 units; the fifth place has the Aston Villa with 76 points and the sixth is occupied by the Derby Country of Frank Lampard with 74 pts, same that ‘entered by miracle’ since it was only 1 point above the seventh place.

Conclusion : Who got promoted to the premier league

It should be remembered that Huddersfield, Fulham, and Cardiff are the clubs that went down to the second division this season, so little by little the next season begins to take shape. Read more about Premier League here.