What teams are in COPA America 2019?

What teams are in COPA America 2019

If you want to know what teams are going to participate in COPA America 2019 tournament, let’s find out.

The COPA America Brazil 2019 has already begun from 14th June which is the most important tournament in South America.

What teams are in COPA America 2019?
Teams in COPA America 2019

What teams are in COPA America 2019?

There are 12 teams will be played COPA America 2019. Sportsbookmakers says that Copa America final odds give most chances on host team Brasil to win the Copa. Who won the Copa America?


In recent years, the Chilean national team has grown enormously in its ability to play, so much so that the last edition won the Copa America 2015 trophy. Will it repeat this triumph this year?


Argentina so far has won 3 times in COPA America. Let us see 2019 is their next championship?


COPA America 2019 is being hosted by Brazil. Will they win this tournament in their home ground?


Bolivia has been great in this sport. What do you think? Is Bolivia going to take COPA America 2019 Trophy?


It is important to note that, Colombia has been the only team in the COPA America that managed to win in one of the editions without losing any game and without allowing any goal, so it definitely has great merit for that.


The Ecuador team has not yet managed to win the first trophy in the COPA America. Let us see what happens this year?


It is worth noting that this invited team to the Copa America is one of the most popular in the Asian continent since it has managed to obtain four titles and in its most recent participation in the Asian Cup.


They are the national team with the most titles in this tournament, which totals 15.


The team of Venezuela growth in recent years has been vertiginous, for that reason, we should not be surprised by a memorable performance this year.


Almost 40 years ago Paraguay did not raise the Copa America trophy, however, that does not mean that it is not ready to do it again.

11. PERU:

In recent years, the Inca team has been in constant and positive growth, thanks to a new generation of good players with great talent and their improvements in technique.

12. QATAR:

The current Asian Cup champion will arrive for the first time as a guest at the COPA America and the truth is that their participation promises to be very interesting.

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