What is the Europa League?

What is the Europa League

What is the Europa League? Despised by a few and acclaimed every time by more professionals. The Europa League is one of the tournaments that has been gaining prestige in recent seasons.

What is the Europa League?

The UEFA Europa League is an annual football competition that is organized by UEFA since 1971 for eligible European Football Clubs.

The Europa Team is consists of 32 teams which has 12 teams are group winners and 12 teams from group runner-ups along with 8 third-placed teams. Where is Europa League Final?

The changes in its different formats, the remodeling of its competition system and the window towards the Champions League and the European Supercup have brightened up a tournament more and more interesting.

Europa League
Europa League

Characteristics and design:

Design: The trophy consists of a silver cup placed on a yellow marble platform where the flags of a large part of the European countries are. On this platform, a group of players seems to be fighting for a ball but in reality, they hold the UEFA emblem. Unlike the Champions League cup, it does not have handles.

What do they do after a club receives it?

UEFA retains the original trophy throughout the year at its venue and the winner only receives it for a few minutes after the final, while giving each winner a life-size replica.

Any club that wins the trophy 3 consecutive times or 5 times alternately receives an award as special recognition.

When are matches contested in 2019?

The first edition of the knockout phase began on 12th February and it is scheduled to end on 29th May 2019. This is the 48th seasons of Europe’s secondary club football. In the Europa 2018-19, for the first time, the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) will be utilized in the competition. It will be implemented in the final round. Lear more about Europa League here.

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