FC Cincinnati:

FC Cincinnati

FC Cincinnati is an American professional football club from Cincinnati, Ohio. This team plays in the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer.

This team plays in MLS – Major League Soccer, the first major soccer league in the United States.

FC Cincinnati:

The owners of the club originally from the USL began negotiations with Major League Soccer on a possible expansion franchise in early 2016. With this, FC Cincinnati has announced as one of the 10 cities that had expressed interest in team spaces 25 to 28.

On 29th May 2018, Major League Soccer has announced that Cincinnati will be the part of the league in 2019 as an expansion team under the FC Cincinnati brand.

The West End Stadium, a specific football stadium for approximately 26,000 people. The West End headquarters will be scheduled to open in 2021.

FC Cincinnati
FC Cincinnati

Future Stadium by FC Cincinnati:

Recently FC Cincinnati released details of the design of its future stadium which will be in the West End area, whose inauguration will be in March 2021.

The complex -designed by the Populous architecture studio- presents several outstanding aspects, such as the degree of inclination of its stands to allow the best view of the game.

All of its seats under roof, a section without seats for ‘The Bailey ‘(FCC’s noisiest fan group), a total of 59 suites (a record number for a specific football stadium in MLS), and a 360-degree awning lit with LED technology that will cover the entire stadium with color. The total cost of the work financed with private funds estimation at 250 million dollars.

The pitch will be natural surface and the stalls will be crowned by 2 large video screens, accompanied by a series of screens that will cover the contour of the pitch. Learn more about MLS here.

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