When do COPA America 2019 tickets go on sale?

when do copa america 2019 tickets go on sale

When do COPA America 2019 tickets go on sale? This year, more than 1 million tickets are aveilable. The first batch of tickets of 228 thousand entries for first 17 games. About 65% of total games had already gone on sale on the official website www.conmebol.com and www.copaamerica.com from 6:00 p.m. from January 10.

The price of these tickets is set between R $ 60 (R $ 30 half ticket) up to R $ 350.

Second Batch of tickets:

The new and second batch of tickets went on sale on January 25 from 12.00 (Brazilian Time) for the 26 matches of CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019. Copa America where to watch?

When do COPA America 2019 tickets go on sale?
COPA America 2019 tickets

When do COPA America 2019 tickets go on sale?

Sale model:

In total, there are 4 price categories which cover higher level, intermediate level, and the lower level of the stadiums. These locations have been defined according to the vision of the ground field.

The Arena Corinthians (Sao Paulo) and Arena do Gremio (Porto Alegre), exceptionally, will have a fifth price category with spaces without chairs.

All requests will be answered in order of arrival to the portals, according to the availability of the tickets. Every fan can request up to 5 tickets for each game, with a limit of 7 matches, totaling 35 tickets. It will not be possible to buy tickets for 2 different matches on the same day.

For purchases in official portals, the only form of payment is by means of credit cards authorized for international purchases.

Delivery of tickets for locals:

For customers resident in Brazil who opt for the delivery service in the act of purchase, delivery started in March. However, the delivery charge applies.

Amateurs who are buyers from outside Brazil must withdraw their tickets from any of the Revenue Centers of the Copa America Brazil 2019. This same rule applies to buyers from Brazil who have orders with at least one half-entry income,  all categories of prices will have half entrance, but this benefit is restricted to clients resident in Brazil, following the laws in force in that country. Read more about Copa here.