When was FC Barcelona founded?

When was FC Barcelona founded?

In the article, read about when was FC Barcelona founded.

FC Barcelona is one of the most successful football clubs in the world: 5 Champions League victories, 24 Spanish championships and 10 World Player of the year emerged from the club.

With 162,000 members, FC Barcelona is the second-strongest sports club in the world. The sports venue of FC Barcelona, ​​Camp Nou, is the largest football stadium in Europe. The turnover of the association amounted to 708 million Euro in the financial year 2016/17.

When was FC Barcelona founded?

After a newspaper advertisement in the sports magazine “Los Deportes”, calling on foreigners and locals alike to join him. Joan Gamper who is the founder and first reporter was looking for like-minded people. The response is great and after a few meetings, a 12-member group around Gamper decides on November 29, 1899, the founding of the Football Club Barcelona.

When was FC Barcelona founded?
FC Barcelona

The group of founders consisted of Catalans, members of the Protestant community and Protestants of the Scottish and English communities. In the end, there were 6 Catalans, 2 British, 3 Swiss and German Otto Maier, who had been involved in the founding of the club.

Hans Gamper from Winterthur – founder, first-team captain and five-time president of the Catalans:

The first president of the club was the Walter Wild. The first captain of the team was Hans Gamper himself. The striker scored 120 goals in 51 games at the time for the Blaugrana. Learn more about Barcelona here.

The Copa Macaya and the Campeonato de Cataluna were the first competitions in which FC Barcelona participated. It was first played in Velodromo de la Bonanova until 1909 moved to the newly built La Escopidora.

The La Escopidora had room for 6,000 spectators and was the first stadium in Spain, which was equipped with a floodlight system.

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