River Plate:

River Plate

The River Plate Athletic Club, better known simply as River Plate, is a sports center based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The club founded on May 25, 1901, in the La Boca neighborhood, after the merger of the clubs Santa Rosa and La Rosales.

River Plate Name Orientation:

Its name comes from the old denomination that has given in British English to the Rio de la Plata. Its main discipline is professional male football, which is currently active in the First Division of Argentina.

In addition, 65 different disciplines practice in the club, it has educational institutes at all academic levels and it promotes cultural and social activities of various kinds.

Its stadium is Antonio Vespucio Liberti, popular as the “Monumental”. It is the stadium with the highest capacity in the country and the 6th in the Americas, with a capacity for 70,074 spectators. This is the venue where Argentina’s national soccer team usually plays.

River Plate
River Plate

Football Clubs:

River Plate is one of the most successful and recognized football clubs in the world, with a total of 66 official titles. Total 63 has been obtained during the professionalism of Argentine football, being the most successful club in history since its Professionalization in 1931.

At the national level, he holds the record of being the top champion of Argentine football having won 36 First Division championships. In addition, they reached the title of champion in 12 official national cups. Also they have won Copa Libertadores 4 times.

The River is the holder of several records at the national level. It is the leader of the historical table of the First Division of Argentina, the club with the most wins, the most goals scored and the best goal difference during the professional stage of Argentine football. In addition, the club with the least number of games lost and goals received. Also, it is the team that has won the most three-time league championship four times.

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