Peru Soccer:

Peru Soccer

Peru Soccer: Soccer is the most popular sport in Peru. It was introduced in the second half of the 19th century, probably by British immigrants residing in the country.

Peru Soccer History:

According to the historian Jorge Basadre, the first record of a soccer match in Peru corresponds to Sunday, August 7, 1892. The date on which English and Peruvians played representing both Callao and Lima.

The club Lima Cricket and Lawn Tennis organized football matches on the Santa Sofia field owned by them. During the Pacific War, the destruction of several coastal cities, including Lima, halted the spread of this and other sports in Peru for a time.

Peru Soccer
Peru Soccer Team

The modern era of Peru Soccer:

In 1981, the Peruvian team was ranked third in the qualifying rounds for the 1982 Soccer World Cup. During this World Cup, they joined Group A together with Italy, Cameroon, and Poland.

They won two draws and one defeat against Poland (5:1), being relegated to the last place without the possibility of entering the next phase of the tournament.

In 2011, Peru once again won the Kirin Cup and took third place in the 2011 Copa America. In early 2015, businessman Edwin Oviedo became president of FPF. However, two years later, he faced charges of extortion, electronic fraud, and money laundering in a corruption trial in the United States.

The new leadership of the FPF appointed the Argentine Ricardo Gareca as coach of the Peruvian team in March 2015. He led the team in a third place in the Copa America 2015. Also, the quarterfinals of the Copa America Centenario, Gareca managed to qualify Peru for the 2018 World Cup Russia.

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