How much do Scottish Premiership players make?

How much do Scottish Premiership players make?

Let us check out how much do Scottish Premiership players make? The Scottish Premiership is also known as Ladbrokes Premiership because of its sponsorship. It is the top division of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

Scottish Premiership Players Salary:

Considering the data from the Global Sports Salaries Survey, we get an idea that the average salary per player in each league is £176,236.

According to a report produced by, first-team players make a basic weekly average of £16,646 to £865,614 annually.

In comparison, Rangers pay their players £8,972 per week that amounts to a median of £466,556 for a year.

How much do Scottish Premiership players make?
Scottish Premiership

Premiership Betting:

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