What is a Jupiler League in Soccer?

What is a Jupiler League in Soccer?

What is a Jupiler League in Soccer? The Jupiler League has 16 teams that face each other in a regular 30-day phase, with matches between all and a reciprocal visit.

The six teams with the most points at the end of that stage, go to Playoff 1 – A hexagonal that is also played in a round-robin format and already reciprocates. But in which it does not start from scratch, because each team starts it with the half of the points achieved in the regular phase. That gives advantage to the teams with the best position.

The champion qualifies directly to the European Champions League. The second classified will play the third preliminary round of the maximum continental tournament. The third goes to the previous third round of the Europa League. But it doesn’t end there.

The clubs classified from places 7 to 15 play Playoff 2 next to the second, third and fourth of the First Division B, divided into 2 groups of six teams that start from scratch.

The first places in each sector play among them for the right to face the fourth of the Playoff 1 for a place in the second round of the Europa League.

What is a Jupiler League in Soccer?
Jupiler League in Soccer

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