How many La Liga has Real Madrid won?

How many La Liga has Real Madrid won?

How many La Liga has Real Madrid won? Real Madrid is the most popular team in the history of football. The white team has accustomed itself to its love for victory and the conquests of the most important titles.

History of Real Madrid :

The white legend began on a day like today of 1902, and since then it has become the team with the most Leagues – 33 times and most European Cups – 12 times. Do you know how many titles he has won in his 116 years of history?

Real Madrid is the new champion of Spanish football and continues to be the highest winner of the trophy.

According to La Liga odds, Real Madrid is among top favorites to win La Liga every year.

How many La Liga has Real Madrid won?

So far, there are total 62 teams have competed in La Linga since its first league. 9 teams have been a winner. Real Madrid is on the top with 33 times winner. Barcelona has won 26 times. Where to watch La Liga?

How many La Liga has real Madrid won?
Real Madrid

For this reason, this team has appreciated the debate on social networks and compared the number of titles of Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Barcelona team has won many trophies in the last decade but even so, the white team ended up winning widely.

While Real Madrid has only won 6 leagues so far in the millennium, it is still the most successful in Spain by a distance of 9 titles: with the last league that won 33 leagues.

Other trophies won by Real Madrid:

•    1 FIFA Trophy for the Best Club of the 21st Century

  •    12 European Cups
  •    3 Club World Cups
  •    3 Intercontinental Cups
  •    4 European Super Cups
  •    2 UEFA Cups
  •    33 Leagues
  •    19 Copas del Rey
  •    10 Super Cups of Spain
  •    1 League Cup
  •    2 Small World Cups
  •    2 Latin Cups
  •    18 Regional Championships
  •    5 Joint Trophies

If we add all the titles mentioned below, we will realize the enormous greatness of Real Madrid, and is that the white set has managed to lift 115 titles in 116 years. Read more about Real Madrid here.