What is COPA America?

what is COPA America?

What is COPA America? The Copa America is the national men’s national team championship. It is the most important and oldest sport of the American continent.

American Football Confederation :

COPA is organized by the South American Football Confederation. There are 10 teams that make up the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL). They participate in the COPA, besides they also usually participate in 2 inviting teams.

CONMEBOL is a continental governing body of association football in South USA and it is one of FIFA’s six continental confederations. Read more about Copa America here.

During the first edition, more precisely on July 9, was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the foundation of the Confederation. That brings together the South American national teams, the CONMEBOL.

What is COPA America?
COPA America 2019

History of COPA America:

The first ever team in South USA, LIMA Cricket and Football Club was started in Peru in 1859. And the Argentine Football Association was founded in the year 1893.

In the early years of the twentieth century, football was a sport in full swing after its arrival in South USA by immigrants and traders of British origin.

In 1917, a new edition of America’s Cup was in the lands of Uruguay. It is a country that would once again be the champion. Thus obtaining the double championship in two contesting cups. Since then, the competition has disputes 41 times, with Argentina and Uruguay, as its maximum winners, each with 14 titles.

Only until 1921 would enter the fifth participant to this tournament: Paraguay in 1926. And the following year, would be the inclusion of Bolivia and Peru.

Brazil has 7 titles, Paraguay and Peru with two each and Bolivia and Colombia have each won once. Ecuador, Chile, and Venezuela have not yet won it. Who won Copa America 2016?

In the year 2001, Colombia is the host of the Copa and it is there, in its own territory, where it gets its first title.

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