Real Betis:

Real Betis

Real Betis Balompie is also famous as Betis. It is a sports center based in Seville, Spain. It was established in September 1908 for the practice of football. 

Real Betis is one of the only 9 Spanish clubs that conquered La Liga and the National Cup. In 1935, they converted the fourth club in history to conquer the LFP. They also the first club that led the Cup of El Rey, although it took a stage without reconquering this title since 1977 until it returned fame in 2005.

Real Betis Rivalries:

Betis Balompie maintains its maximum rivalry with the Sevilla Football Club since the time of its foundation. It was in 1909 when a split within the Sevillian team formed the Betis Foot Ball Club.

This new club was absorbed in 1914 by Sevilla Balompie due to the economic hardships it suffered resulting in the current Real Betis Balompie. The new club inherited the rivalry with the Rojiblanco team.

In recent seasons it has become frequent for both clubs to agree on the number and price of tickets receive by the visiting fans to create a better atmosphere.

Real Betis
Real Betis

Real Betis Own clubs:

In 2015, it has 513 clubs according to information on the club’s website. 12 are outside Andalusia, 9 of them abroad, such as Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Stockholm, Vienna, Miami, and Pichanal.

In 1967, the leaders of the different clubs decided to create a federation that would bring them together and serve as a link between the clubs.

The club in the media:

The club has its television channel, Betis TV. This channel performs the function of promoting knowledge and dissemination of the institution. The channel deals with the re-transmissions of all institutional acts of the club, such as assemblies, press conferences, news, and gatherings, as well as broadcasting official matches of their sports teams live in open.

Their daily schedule began on June 23, 2016, at the provincial level on DTT dial 56 and on July 7 via streaming. Learn more about Spanish La Liga here.

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