Who won La Liga 2017?

Who won La Liga 2017?

Who won La Liga 2017? La Liga season which is also known as La Liga Santander because of its sponsorship reasons.

If we talk about the La Liga for 2017, it began on 19 August 2016 and finished on 21 May 2017.

Who won La Liga 2017?

The title for La Liga 2017 was won by Real Madrid. And this team has won for the record 33rd time.

According to La Liga odds, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are biggest favorites for winning La Liga every year.

2017was the first when they became champion since the 2011-12 season.

Real Madrid already has what it was looking for and did not find in the last five years. The most desired League, number 33, already has a hole in the white museum. But it is not one more. Not much less. Far are the 24 of Barcelona.

Who won La Liga 2017?

A League in seven seasons was baggage that seemed insufficient for an entity like Real Madrid. They needed to fatten that record and change some numbers that did not do justice to the historic white domain in the day to day of Spanish football.

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How many games in La Liga? Florentino Perez has already added 4 Leagues and has managed to break the losing streak that pursued him. With that of Sunday, the white president has 18 titles in his two stages as president of Real Madrid. This success is the triumph of a management model, put into question sometimes, but to which time is giving the reason.

Real Madrid put the cruising speed in Anoeta, back in August and has not loosened, as evidenced by the fact of having scored in each.

And every one of the 38 games, goals that have come accompanied by moments of good play and others in which the heroic has been the main protagonist. Conjugated in perfect doses, Real Madrid has managed with justice the desired 33 League, with a star Cristiano Ronaldo in the decisive part of the championship. Check latest La Liga news here.