How do MLS playoffs work?

How do MLS playoffs work?

How do MLS playoffs work? Bitcoin football betting is booming today. It has millions of fans worldwide. MLS (Major League Soccer) is one of the popular games in the world.

The direct elimination system, or Playoffs, has existed in Major League Soccer since its founding. They determine in the end which is the MLS champion team.

Let us know how do MLS playoffs work?

There are only 3 rounds left until the end of the regular Major League Soccer season, which brings with it. In MLS this format is played from the beginning of the league in 1996 until today. There have been some changes, of course. But the goal remains one: the MLS Cup title.

Without making comparisons about the magnitude of the event, the MLS Cup in Soccer is equivalent to the Super Bowl in Football. There is a regular-season divided into two conferences, after postseason knockout games and the title decision in a single game. Let’s understand this format a bit.

Well, the two MLS conferences (West and East) have 9 and 10 teams respectively. This should change next year with the arrival of new franchises, but it is no concern for now.

How do MLS playoffs work?
MLS playoffs

– The top 5 of each conference guarantee a postseason seat, with 4th and 5th facing each other in a single Wild Card game – Giving draw, overtime and penalty shootout.

– Wild Card winners face 1st place in each conference in the semifinals, with 2nd and 3rd facing each other. Round-trip games with the away goal rule.

– The winners of each semifinal face each other in the conference final for a seat in the MLS Cup. Also, round-trip games, scoring away as a tiebreaker.

– And the ultimate goal of the 19 clubs that participate in MLS – The MLS Cup. This is a unique game in the home of the best campaign team, in case of tie, overtime and penalty shootout. Learn more about MLS here.