Alianza Lima:

Alianza Lima

The Alianza Lima Club, popularly known as Alianza Lima or simply Alianza, is a sports institution located in Lima, Peru. It was founded on February 15, 1901, by young people who wished to practice sport. They are the oldest football team in the Peruvian First Division.

In addition, it considers one of the three greats of Peruvian football and a reference in his country and South America, having a long tradition and rich history. 

Alianza Lima –Performance and Achievements:

To date, this team has 23 national titles. Their best international performance was in 1976 when it was champion of the Simon Bolivar Cup.

Others of the best international performances were in 1976 and 1978, when they reached the semifinals of the COPA Libertadores and in 1999 for the Copa Merconorte arriving at the same instance.

Alianza Lima
Alianza Lima

Their football activity began in the first years after its foundation. It is the only surviving club of those who founded, in 1912, the Peruvian Football League, where the club first played a tournament organized by the Federation.

Uniform of Alianza Lima:

The colors of the club are blue and white. By the Italian ancestry of Eduardo Pedreschi who is a founding member, the first clothing had colors of the Italian flag. Thus, the first uniforms were green with white. Then the colors of the stable were included in the uniform, which was blue, white and black, which were wearing on the shirt, pants, and socks respectively. 

Years later, the blue and white uniform was made by way of stripes, which is used until today. 

In recent years, different surveys and studies carried out by different polling houses agree to place Lima as the club with the most supporters in Peru. Read more info about the club here.

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