Football teams in Istanbul:

Football teams in Istanbul

Let us learn here more about football teams in Istanbul. The Big 3 is the nickname of the 3 most popular and successful sports clubs in Turkey, all three teams are based in Istanbul.

Football Turkish soccer teams:

Although Turkey does not have a tradition in football like Brazil, Germany, England or Italy, the Turks are football fans. This fanaticism began in Turkey with the Turkish national football championships. There are several football teams in Turkey and every year there is a national football championship. The main soccer teams are Besiktas, Fenerbahce, and Galatasaray.

Soccer championships are usually played in Istanbul. Each club has its own football stadium. The stadiums have an average capacity and some offer the first-class service.

Everything depends on the financial situation of the team. Soccer is big commercial business in Turkey. It sells everything: shirts, caps, balls, full bedrooms for children made with the colors of the team. The salary of the Turkish soccer players is like the Europeans, depending on the finances of each team.

Football teams in Istanbul
Football Teams

The Super Lig:

The Turkish League is more popular as The Super Lig. This league is the top-flight of the Turkish Football League system and it is run by Turkish Football Federation. Read more about Turkish federation here.

The Turkish people like to play football a lot and there are many football fields in Istanbul. In summer, the games are usually at night due to the heat, but the Turks also play football in the winter where the temperature can reach 3 C. The friends divide the expenses of the game paying the rent of the football field.

Football teams in Istanbul:

Besiktas, Galatasaray, and Fenerbahce are names of a region in Istanbul and Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are also names of very good primary schools in Istanbul.

The Turkish national soccer champion team of 2003 is Besiktas, its colors are black and white and its symbol is an eagle. The district of Besiktas is located in Istanbul and is a central and commercial area of the city where you can see a black eagle statue in honor of the club.

Each club has its own football stadium and the Inonu stadium is located about 1 km from the Besiktas district. The Besiktas Training Club is also located near the Besiktas region. The clubs also have basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc. They also try to promote other types of sports although soccer is their most important and popular sport.