When did Chelsea win the Champions League?

when did chelsea win the champions league

If you are a fan of Chelsea team and want to know when did Chelsea win the champions league, let us find out here. The Champions League is one of the most attractive football tournaments in the world.

When did Chelsea win the Champions League?

Chelsea won in 2011-12 Champions League. It was 57th seasons of Europe’s premier league club football tournament which was organized by UEFA.

On May 19, at the Allianz Arena, Chelsea FC defeated FC Bayern Munchen and won their first Champions League trophy. The German team came to get rid of Real Madrid CF in the semifinals while Chelsea FC did the same with FC Barcelona.

When did Chelsea win the Champions League?
Champions League

History of Chelsea F.C. team:

Chelsea Football Club which is also known as Chelsea FC. This team was founded on 10th March 1905 and plays in the Premier League of England.

In the first years of the club had little success, as the closest he got to winning a championship of real importance at that time was when he reached the champions league final of the FA Cup in 1915, where Chelsea was defeated by Sheffield Wednesday, in a final score of 3 to 0.

After this, Chelsea chose to recruit players of great reputation, which is why he gained a great reputation.

Also began to show a high-quality show during matches, although unfortunately did not cause the desired impact due to the years of war that was going through the old continent.

In 1952, with the conflicts of the Second World War ended, the ex-forward of Arsenal FC and the English National Football Team.

Ted Drake, was hired as technical director of the Blues. Since his arrival at the club, Drake proceeded to modernize it, eliminating the Chelsea Pensioner’s shield and improving the club’s quarry as well as the team’s way of training, although at the beginning everyone doubted these changes, the first club championship in the club.

League during the season 1954 – 1955 gave the reason to the recently incorporated trainer. For the following season, UEFA created the first European Champions Cup, presumably, Chelsea had to participate in that tournament.

However, due to objections from the Football League and the FA, the club was forced to withdraw from the tournament before it started. Read more about Chelsea FC here.