Who invented Soccer?

Who invented soccer?

Who invented Soccer? Soccer is a sport, to which its invention cannot be attributing to a single person. This sport was developed under the influence of different individuals.

Several centuries before football was born there were similar games with ball in different countries such as China, British Isles, and Paraguay.

Who invented Soccer?

Modern football was developed by the influence of English public school students in the 17th century. This game in its origins was quite violent since the young people who played in the schools pushed themselves and faced sharply to obtain the ball.

Origins of football During the 16th century, school principal Richard Mulcaster was the one who helped eliminate physical violence from the game and thus prevents students from getting hurt.

Who invented Soccer?
Soccer at start of Era

It is believed that in the 19th-century teachers and students of British schools began to write, document and standardize the rules of the game that was later called football. So we can say that it is the beginning of this sport.

Rules for the game:

The first rules on football were drafting at Eton College in 1815. Then in 1848 other rules were creating at the University of Cambridge. Thanks to the meeting of representatives of several important colleges such as Shrewsbury, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, and Winchester.

The rules that were agreed upon were not fully adopted by the rest of the places where football was playing in England. In 1850, several English football clubs began to create that were not associating with universities or colleges.

Today this sport is the most popular worldwide because it is estimated that more than 270 million people practice it today. Football generates a very intense passion that other sports cannot take up. Among most popular competitions are FIFA World Cup, Premier League, Champions League, Copa Libertadores etc.

Although the birthplace of football was England, this sport managed to have great teams and players in Europe and Latin America, especially in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

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