Eastern Conference Finals:

Eastern Conference Finals

Eastern Conference Finals: Major League Soccer (MLS) is a regular season runs from the month March to October. Team divides geographically into the Western and Eastern Conferences. They play 34 games in a partially balanced schedule.

The Eastern Conference is one of the two conferences of Major League Soccer (MLS), the first division of football in the United States and Canada.

Eastern Conference Finals 2019:

Eastern Conference Finals in 2019 was between Atlanta United Vs. Toronto FC on 30th October. The match was in Seattle in MLS Cup. In the final round, Toronto FC won the title. 

Eastern Conference Finals
Eastern Conference Finals

Eastern Conference Playoff Champions by year:

Since 2001, The Conference Finals are the best of 3 series including Major League Soccer in 2000 and 2001 when the conference playoff format was not popular.

In 2002, a parallel format was used except that draw was allowed. And the team was earning most points in advance.

From 2003 to 2011, the Conference finals were a single match. In early 2012, the finals were a 2-match aggregate series.

Shootouts and extra time are used in necessary. In the year 2019, the final returned to a single match format. It was hosted by the highest-ranked team through the regular season. Read more about MLS here.

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