What is Scottish Premiership?

What is Scottish Premiership

What is Scottish Premiership? The Scottish Premiership is the top category in soccer in the country. The promoter of this league is Clydesdale Bank. The tournament was founded in 1890. But it was in 1998 when this league began as such, where Scottish teams decided to separate and create their own championship.

Scottish Premiership :

They have their own format called Split among the Scots. It consists of two phases. During the first stage, each team plays three games. And as they remain in that classification, the second phase is divided into two groups.

In this cycle, each club plays a unique match between them, and thus determine the league champion. The one who finishes in the last position descends to the lower division. The first one enters the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds and the two following the UEFA Europa League round.

What is Scottish Premiership?
Scottish Premiership

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