How often is COPA America happen?

How often is COPA America happen?

How often is COPA America happen? The COPA America is historic this time. Firstly, it is celebrated as the first century of the oldest tournament in the world. Secondly, because it is held outside of South America for the first time and has managed to bring together 16 national teams from the ten CONMEBOL federations.

How often is COPA America happen?

COPA America happens every 4 years in the United States.

The Centennial America Cup would have brought together directors from Conmebol and Concacaf to negotiate the new way to play the championship.

How often is COPA America happen?
COPA America

Many times it has generated curiosity the fact that the tournament organized for South American teams takes the name of the continent in general. For its part, the tournament for Central and North American teams is called ‘Gold Cup’, so it does not generate more controversy.

How often is COPA America happen :

Executives of Concacaf and Conmebol would have reached an agreement so that this issue ends at once. What would it be? The COPA America would be played from now on every 4 years and would have permanent headquarters in the United States. But now all the selections of the continent would be sought to participate.

Conmebol asked to give his response until after the tournament, but today, they are convinced that in their next Congress, it will be approved.

The main reasons why Conmebol executives have decided to consider this option are security, stadiums, communications, access, absolute flexibility in migratory procedures and economic aspects (the cash prizes would not take so long to reach those who correspond).

According to members of CONCACAF, they are aware that the biggest obstacle would come from the leaders of each South American federation. And, correspondingly, their fans, because they would feel that a tournament is being snatched just for money and other factors that a people do not care, they just want football in their land.

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